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mardi, novembre 13, 2012

♥ Thoughts

Hmm, just wondering actually.
I think it's true, I can't hide my emotions, everything's written on my face. It's so hard to cover up and put on a facade. But yet, I feel that I trouble people with my behavior. No one likes a grumpy person right? It's all about your mentality? Heard and knew since secondary school that it takes more muscle to frown than smile, but whenever I'm thinking, I'll frown, it's a natural thing to me. That explains my railway track lll:( lol how do people manage their emotions so well, good EQ?

and so, i tried to do some EQ test to know myself better (HAHA WTS sia...) but some said i had low empathy. LOL. which is quite true, i think it just got ... worn off over the years? yeah, if i were to take this test 3 years ago, definitely different results.. more like, i'm sick and tired of hearing ppl's problems and troubles already. i'm always doing the listening, till.. my ears and brain is just so tired. Always listening, but who listens to me? So, it is super true that my empathy level really dropped, i've taken things for granted, i dont pay attention to details like before, i always cut ppl off and give them suggestions cos, i cant take it anymore :( whenever ppl share their problems, if it's short and summarized, i'll rmb.. if it's just too much details etc, it'll probably just enter 1 ear, and leave by the other ear. zzz. meow.

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