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lundi, décembre 17, 2012

♥ Do-or-Die

Sun 16 Dec, 11:26pm
Ha, i sound like a kid. but argh, it's a 'do your all - or - you will die' situation now. #fypwoes lol. bye.

Mon 17 Dec, 2:30am
zzzzz i need to finish my work!
// sometimes i wonder, if i will die of heart attack or some sickness like anytime soon, cos of the super irregular lifestyle i'm having now! I feel bad for not taking care of my body.. faced the computer for too long, kept having sore eyes. kept eating cup noodles / chips / starbucks / kfc / mcd while doing an overnighter / burn midnight oil, not enough nutrients. sitting on my chair for LONG hours, knees super suan, plus i read / watch some where on the news that sitting for prolong hours increases ur chances to get more sickness! whut.. kept sleeping at weird timings, 6am - 1pm, 9am - 4pm, 8pm - 12mn, 4am - 6am kinda thing. haha, and these always happens during exam. and this term got FYP, sucks. big time. argh. i am NOT going to fail! #AGREEEEEEEEE

slept barely a 3 hours in total? since saturday again... and this time round, it's just a "just do ur best and submit" attitude! :/ i mean, i'm not expecting anything more than a pass :(

zzzz. you know what. i'm thinking, sekali either ways fail how! :( poooooooot..

you know why, cos. if i dun submit by 7pm tonight, hard copy, fail.
but if i submit hardcopy tonight 7pm, my work like crap, still fail. zzzz.
yes, just hand in lah. hand in lah.

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