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lundi, décembre 24, 2012

♥ Getting on with Life

and so, the FYP ordeal is gone. for now. sigh. that whole thing has taken a toil on me.
having a bad flu now, i guess i havent had enough sleep for at least 1 month. haiz.

anyway, my week has been pretty fulfilling!

18th Dec, Tues.
Met up with Huishan, went to collect some stuffs at Bishan Junction 8 and had lunch at this Watami Jap Restaurant. Pretty good and cheap for the price that we paid (lunch set meal), miso soup full of MSG.. the meal, salad, drinks and soup was included in the set lunch, price range from $8.80 to $15 bah.. ordering ala carte is much more expensive surprisingly.. Shopped there, not as shiok at Tampines Mall(s) but still can make it lah, at least got Aldo over there, atas sia..
Went on the Changi City Point at Expo that evening cos we havent been there to shop before! like only been there once for Starbucks and mcd this july during the 'Heaven is for Real' event. A couple of Factory Outlet Stores - Nike, Challenger, Adidas, Crocs, Esprit, G2000, Sketches, Timberland, Royal Sporting House.. a few clothing shops like Cache cache, Cotton On, Bossini.. Charles & Keith, Payless. Well as you can see, it's catered more for males cos it's at Expo aka the Changi Business Park = Male Dominated Industry. haha. So we didnt have a great time shopping cos it's so boring. Had dinner at Wan Chai HK Cafe!

19th Dec, Wed.
Met up with Cleone, Jemima and Jie at AMK Hub, Ichiban Sushi! Great to see (us) together, beside reminiscing the good old days, had a good time talking about our current lives, how God blesses us with so many things.

20th Dec, Thurs.
Met up with Jie and Cousins - Weibo and Weiwen at Northpoint, Xin Wang HK Cafe. this funny epic thing happened.. Weibo was having curry chicken rice meal, and his shirt kena 3 spots of curry stains, so Weiwen was ji-siaoing him that he had to wash his clothes himself. Den moments later, Weiwen was talking about something and was pretty agitated / her hands moved a lot, and yes. Her hands hit her cup of Milk Tea and voila, spilled on her pants!! HAHA!

Our reactions -
Joanna : *omg, tissue paper! no more serviettes on the table! should i ask the service crew? do i have? yes i have!*
Jie : looking at hands before incident happened, wondering *hmm, will she hit the cup? I hope it's empty, but Weiwen cant possibly drink that fast. Hmm, will she hit the cup? OH she hit! oh, there's still milk tea in her cup!*
Wei Bo : *i knew this will happen, as expected...*

Anyway, it was one of the few rare occasions that i was the shortest, it's when the 1.7m and above is the new norm... HAHA.. we tried taking some photos where i told them specifically not to bend, and the photo came out like sai.. hahaha..

21st Dec, Fri.
love how everyone in the net participated actively and was so involved :) Great food and great company! :)
had an awesome time caroling, hahaha.. and so.. the christmas caroling weekend begins now....

22nd Dec, Sat.
Went down for the Christmas Drama Rehearsal at 9am.. started officially at 11am, was pretty sleepy by 1pm cos i woke up ard 4am that day (body clock a little hay wired) and den headed for Caroling at The Edge, lol. was super tired by the time i reached home but... i wasnt done with Christmas Gifts.. as usual, every year... haha.. wanted to do some hand written personalised cards, but no time and brain juice to do it.. yes i admit.. but, i managed to make used of some wooden pegs that i bought a long while ago and stayed up till 2am.. :) not bad alr...

23rd Dec, Sun.
Woke up at 730am and chionged to church for rehearsal and actual drama at 11am. Thankfully Luke was there to do Cam 1, so i didnt have to do it :) enjoyed the drama and everything, awwww the testimony really touched my heart! i was shocked to hear *Melvin Ang* and *Doris* .. HAHA.. but anyway, God is good! had gift-exchanges and photo takings after service, followed by leaders meeting at 140pm (oooops) had lunch at approx 330pm..

all was good, and we had the last evening service of the year!!!! A guest singer came down, Sheila Ann Smith, is someone who recovered from leukemia. She shared about how God was there with her, and how she chose to worship Him in all circumstances. The words and lyrics was really intriguing and speaks life. Had a candlelight service at the end, and singing our lungs out!

Headed home for dinner, cos bro's gf prepared and cooked for us!!! and so my mom finally cooked her specialty - chilli prawns.. yeah.. lazy ma.. (pun intended) and she bragged as if she cooked everything where.. my bro's gf cooked - flower crab (steam), herbal chicken soup, and she prep all the ingredients - prawn (take out the disgusting intestines), crab (the eggs from 5 flower crab's shells, combined to 1), chicken (take out the FATS of the chicken) and buying all the stuffs) my ma only cooked the prawns and rice and probably gave instructions on how to use the stove.. HAHA.. oops, i feel like a bad daughter.. but yea, i am!

Felt really tired and dozed off a couple of times b4 and after dinner.. headed to bed at 1040pm and till today 1240pm! 14 hours of sleep.. i realised that i havent recuperate my lost time of sleep yet, everyday i sleep late, wake up early (HAHA, max 4 hrs) else i sleep late and wake up late (max 8 hrs nia). cos i survived the past 2 weeks with 2-3 hrs of sleep a day, and it's really taking a toil on my body.. i can feel it. damn worried actually. anyway, i've been sneezing and nose is very runny since i woke up.. mucus is dripping down, eww.... but u get the drift. yes, i will fall sick if i dun have enough rest.. cant wait for night to come, i want to sleep already...

cant wait for 27 Dec to come! meeting my ex-colleagues this Thursday! :) zzzz wanted to meet on 25th Dec instead, but not all of us could make it.. but nvm, i managed to psycho them to watch Les Miserables with me!!!!! #honored WOOHOOO!! and it's a NC16 movie, NO SMALL KIDS!!

and then will have to head down for Thanksgiving Party in church that evening :)

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