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samedi, décembre 29, 2012

♥ Les Miserables Movie

Went to meet Serene, Jennifer and Naz on thursday and managed to psycho them to watch 'Les Miserables' HAHA! :D

Well, the first sentence that came to my mind after the movie ended was "ahhhh, it all makes sense now" hahahaha.. ok, from a person who had listened to the musical, watched the musical online (haha oops) and read the book, i would say that this movie is just too good for $8!

i gotta admit that i felt bored at some parts in the middle of the movie, and i realised it's the same songs that i usually skip whenever i listen to the musical. lol.

anyway, the movie stayed very closely to the musical, so these are the songs they sang..

Playlist for reference...
Prologue - Chain Gang, Valjean, and Javert
First scene: where JV was a prisoner and finally left. They sang 'Look Down' and the 24601 song.. lol

One Parole/The Bishop - Constables, Bishop of Digne
- Where he stole the silver and how Bishop cover for him (something that i couldn't understand / sympathize before watching)

What Have I Done? - Valjean
- VJ reproaching himself for stealing

At the End of the Day - The Poor, Foreman, Women, Fantine, Factory Girl
- this is 8 years later.. Fantine being accused of smth, forced to leave the factory. Uplifting song, but with the movie, i can finally understand the lyrics luh... Valjean took on new identity. Javert havent recognised him yet..

Lovely Ladies - Sailors, Hookers, Fantine, Old Woman, Crone, Pimp
- Supposed to be 'I Dreamed a Dream' first, but the movie played it differently. So this is the scene where the hookers/prostitutes gather for living. This is where Old Woman wanted Fantine's hair for 10 Franc, and her tooth, i think. After that, Fantine got forced to sell her body for $$ to save her dear Cosette. (Actually the innkeeper were lying about Cosette's health, for the sake of money. So irritating can!)

I Dreamed a Dream - Fantine
- Famous song, I wouldnt say that this version is nicer but we can feel her plight cos of what she went thru in the movie (hard to visual it on musical / book la)

Fantine's Arrest - Javert, Fantine, Bamatabois, Valjean
- She got arrested cos someone wanted to sleep with her and she refused & hit that person. Javert wanted to arrest her and then Valjean found out about her situation (that it's his fault for letting her leave the factory unfairly) and brought her away.

The Runaway Cart - Valjean, Crowd, Fauchelevent, Javert
- oh, he saved someone who got caught on a cart. Javert witnessed him lifting the cart and remembered 24601!

Who am I? - Valjean
- Standing somewhere and thinking of his own identity. Den he decided to admit of his real identity..

Fantine's Death (Come to Me) - Fantine, Valjean
- Fantine on her deathbed, hallucinated about Cosette, Valjean by her side and promised to take care of Cosette for her.

The Confrontation - Valjean, Javert
- Javert wanted to arrest Valjean / 24601. but he pleaded to arrest him 3 days later, cos he wanted to find Cosette first. But of cos Javert dun allow, and Valjean managed to escape.

Castle on a Cloud - Little Cosette
- Little Cosette singing by the gate, watching little kids playing

Master of the House - Madame Thenadier, Thenadier, and Customers
- Fun and happy song, pretty nice on the movie!

The Bargain (Waltz of Treachery) - Thenadiers and Valjean
- Valjean redeeming Cosette for 1500 francs

Stars - Javert
- Javert looking up and gazing stars... i think...

Look Down - Gavroche and Beggars
- Oh, this is 9 years later!!!! basically the leaders in France was terrible, so the people blaming God, leaders etc. That's why they wanna fight and uphold justice...

Little People - Gavroche
- Ahhh, i finally found out who this singer / boy is after watching... A little boy who join the students in the fight (sounds weird)...

Do You Hear the People Sing? - Enjolras, Students, and Citizens
- (Red and Black supposed to come in first, but movie switched it) yay, love this song but cant remember what happened..

Red and Black - Enjolras, Marius, Students
- Students singing.. basically Marius saw Cosette and loved her at first sight, a little love-sick cos they only saw each other for a short moment. Red and Black, the students' definition of the color..

I Saw Him Once - Cosette
- Love-sick Cosette gazing out of window..

In My Life - Cosette, Valjean
- Cosette missing Marius, while Valjean only has Cosette in his life.. Valjean loves her as a daughter yet also love her as a... close companion..

A Heart Full Of Love - Cosette, Marius, Eponine
- they finally met each other by Cosette's house thanks to Eponine. So nice of Eponine to actually bring Marius to Cosette's place! like wahhh, she's so wei-da... she singing in the background..

The Attack on Rue Plumet - Thenadier, Robbers (Montparnasse, Babet, Brujon, Calquesous, Eponine)
- Not sure who were those ppl actually, but that scream was from Eponine... Her dad warned her but she screamed so that Jean Valjean and Cosette could escape.. so wei-da.. :'(

One Day More - Company
- So, everyone singing cos that the next day, everything will change.
1. Fight / war will start, students will die
2. Eponine only need to see Marius with Cosette one more day, cos he's needed in the fight.
3. Marius and Cosette missing each other and unsure of what will happen tmr
4. Javert wanna pretend to be a volunteer but actually is the real police...

On My Own - Eponine
- So sad, Eponine singing in the rain.

First Attack - Policemen, Enjolras, Students
- attack start and just fight fight lor... Little boy spot Javert and they captured him.

A Little Fall of Rain - Eponine, Marius
- Eponine died while saving Marius :( see, she so wei-da! haiz...

[The next few songs till the Finale, i usually skipppppppp cos i couldnt understand]
Drink With Me - Granataire, Students, Women
- cant remember the scene...

Bring Him Home - Valjean
- Not too sure what happened, but Valjean released Javert unconditionally before this song. Valjean found out that Cosette and Marius loved each other! Fearful for Marius cos it's the next attack the next day.

Second Attack
- yeah, second attack. everyone got killed. but Valjean saved Marius, for the sake of Cosette.. Hid and carried him throught the sewers.

The Sewers
- Valjean met Javert, and plead that he will let him go, he did. Cos Javert couldnt understand why Valjean released him the day before.

Dog Eats Dog - Thenadier
- i think the innkeepers were in a very pathetic state..

Javert's Suicide - Javert
- Reproached himself, but he committed suicide in e end.. something you cant see in the musical!!! this kind of action..

Turning - Women
- oh, women sad for the students who died.. (more like hypocrites! when students plead for help, they didn't help, it's like empty talks but the students did the real actions. Cant stand this people. Complaining and being sad yet it's also cos of people like them! it's so real, even in modern days)

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Marius
- Students died, Marius in the same cafe, except with empty chairs and empty tables..

Every Day - Cosette, Marius
- i cant remember this song.... :/

The Wedding Choral - Guests
- Marius and Cosette's Wedding!! without the Valjean, cos he was worried that his 24601 identity will cause disruption in Cosette's life..

Beggars at the Feast - Thenadiers
- Innkeepers became beggars.. lol, but they were still as candid and funny in the movie..

Finale - Company
- Cosette found Valjean in the church, Valjean hallucinated Fantine, then he died...
They sang 'Do you hear the people sing' again, but this time round, this song is sung by those who had passed on... super touching.. :(

ok, so it may be quite boring if you dun catch the lyrics of the songs that they are singing. So the con for this movie - no english subtitles for the songs! it was ok for me, cos i've been listening to the songs esp during these 3 weeks, but for first timers, it's quite tough right..

Cool thing is that they sung 'LIVE', so for a movie cum musical at a price of $8 is a bad deal, this show deserves 10x the price for such solid movie! if they have lyrics for the songs would be better la.. read up / listen to the musical b4 watching, that's my only advice.

Cant wait for DVD to come out, will definitely buy it!

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