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vendredi, janvier 18, 2013

♥ Australian Open 2013

i know this is wrong, but i'm busy watching Australian Open online!! :) thankful for live streaming!!

irony - LIVE content is not available in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Japan due to rights restrictions.

that's cos you can easily watch it on TV in Australia #fact

Edit, 23 Jan

Just need to know:
Tennis scores is calculated like this-
0, 15, 30, 40, game.
0 - pronounce as love
If same scores, 15:15, 30:30, - pronounce as 15-all / 30-all.
If 40:40, it's considered as Deuce.
To win, you need to have at least 2 scores difference.
(blank):ad - pronounce as advantage (name)
If the other person managed to catch up, it's back to 40:40 or Deuce. This can go on... Forever..
The final point is considered as Break Point.

To win a set, you need to win 6 games. On the 5th game, 40 point, you need 1 more point to win, that is considered as Set Point.

So likewise, you need to be at least 2 games apart to win the set..
If person A wins 5 games,
person B wins 4 games,
A only needs to win 1 more game.
If person A- 5 games,
Person B - 5 games, and A wanna win, A will need 7 games.

But sometimes games can go on till 6:6, this is when Tie-Break comes.
Main objective is to score 7 points (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) first, den you will win the game cum set.
Cannot use Tie-Breaks on the Final Set.. So like Djokovic & Wawrinka's match, the last set when on all the way till 12:10..

For Men's Singles, you need 3 sets / 5 to win, for Women's you'll need 2 sets..
So on the final set, final point, is called the Match Point.

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