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mercredi, janvier 02, 2013

♥ New Year Resolutions

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

didnt wanna post anything about the usual new year resolutions, but cant stand that i had 666 blog posts before this. lol. since it's the year of 2013, i shall plan out 13 resolutions to be done! not in any order...

Resolutions for 2013 (ok, maybe this is just gonna be an attempt to do these....)

1. Do a weekly photo journal for the next 52 weeks! 
looks tough but yeah, will attempt bah.. So inspired by a website i chanced upon last Nov, this is from the original designer -

2. Run at the park downstairs 3 times a week, do 50 sit-ups a day.
HAHA, i still wanna laugh at this thought.

3. Read the Bible, at least 3 chapters a day. Get closer and be more committed in my walk in God.

4. Clear remaining modules :( graduate from RMIT and attend graduation at Melbourne this August/Sept!

5. Get a job!
preferably my desired job + in the east!! i dun wanna work at the ulu west ever again :(

6. Save money for a trip to Hong Kong w Video Directors this June/July!
attempt in 2012 fail!

7. Save money to go for Passion 2014 next January at idk where, most prolly Atlanta!
yes, i wanna go for this next year, Passion 2013 just started this morning sg time, till 5th Jan! ($219 USD = approx SGD300) 
//edit 5 Jan, it's gonna be in late January / early Feb next year in Dome again!!

8. Save money to go for Australian Open 2014 next January at Melbourne, and celebrate National Day there!
something i havent done for the past 3 January(s)... oh dear, gotta save a lot - $$ for lodging, $$ for tennis tickets (super expensive! esp the ones at Rod Laver Arena, omg the finals cost $389.90, a semi-final package (includes 2 matches) also cost $389.90! AUD pls! approx sgd500+. ok, like me think again! LOL!)

9. Eat fast food (McDonalds, KFC, blah blah blah), instant noodles, tidbits (potato chips!) only once every 2 weeks max!!! Drink more water (plain / cold / warm) instead of drinking soda / bottled drinks / Starbucks, best if i only can drink those once a month!! ewwwww..

10. See the net / disciples (looks weird) signed up for CGLT by end of this year!

11. Pick up my guitar, learn a new song once a month, practise it at least every 3 days? :/
So tough... arghhhh...

12. Cook a proper dinner (soup, rice, 3 dishes) aka Chinese Dinner, not pasta, spaghetti, ABC soup, macaroni!!
i know we all cheat, that's why i listed these down..

i was watching this korean variety show - the human condition.
it's about this 6 guys who are artistes living together for 7 days, and still getting on with their lives, but without their cellphones, laptops, internet and tv! i had to admit that after watching it, i realised that everyone of us has became slaves or addicts to our internet instead of having a.. life. so to sum my 13th resolution...

13. Restrict to using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Korean Variety - 2D1N, Dramas, Television to maximum 90min daily (cos a 2D1N episode is ard 90 min max lol!!) not to be an addict to the internet, cell phone, tv, but to put my focus back to the one. 

action plan - 
if my hands are itching to update twitter : grab a book to read!
if my brain is daydreaming and doing nothing : grab a piece of paper and maybe write a letter to a friend?

ok, i cant think of anything else. but yea, i will do this!! prolly should print this out..

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