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mercredi, janvier 02, 2013

♥ Random - Korean Dramas / Movies

So, i recently finished watching a couple of shows and movies.

Oohlala Couple (2012 drama)
Yeo-ok and Soo-nam's marriage is on the rocks after Yeo-ok catches her hotelier husband cheating on her with another woman. One day, they find that their souls have swapped bodies, and begin to understand each other by experiencing each other's lives.

it's a pretty good show, 18 episodes.
They actually divorced but suay suay got into an accident = souls kena swopped. the first few episodes especially when they were trying to adjust to each other's lives, was pretty funny cos both of them acted very well lah. it was till episode (spoiler) 9, den they met another life threatening incident and returned to their bodies. but the next 9 episodes till episode 18, is more serious.. she met with a miscarriage cos of the husband.. they only reconciled till the last 20 min of the last episode! argh. was expecting a different ending cos the wife and another guy was in a relationship for so many episodes.. but oh wells, at least everything ended well..


Don't Worry, I am a Ghost (2012)
this movie is really good! this guy got into an accident and have amnesia, he forgot all about himself. and so after he got out of hospital and went to the police station to get his identity, he met a female ghost. it turned out that she liked him and invited him for her birthday at her place, but got murdered, and he is the last person that she saw before she died. so she helped him to regain his memory, and he helped her to find the real murderer. but... the ending was so sad because it turned out that everything was his own illusion, and he was running away from reality because, he was the one who murdered her (unintentionally though) but the guilt caused him to erase all memories of the incident. he was in her house because of his horrible childhood friend!!! his friend wanted to break in to the girl's place and asked him along, he was reluctant but gave in eventually, when he found out that it was his girl-friend's place, he wanted to leave but the girl was on her way home and she saw the friend. and blah blah, he was holding the knife, she fell on him = died.. haiz.. sad.. but nice twist!

Fortune Teller (2012)
this is also pretty good! one of the actor from 'a gentleman's dignity' is acting..

I am the King (2012)
not bad! so thankful that it's a movie and not a drama sia.. it felt so just nice.. the length of the movie.. i cannot imagine if this is a drama, so much drama and anguish sia..

Codename: Jackal (2012)
ahhh, i dun get it, esp at the end.. the lady from Running Man acted in this movie, quite ok luh..

Return to Base (2012)
Rain!!! love this movie for the action, was watching on 720p quality = shiok...
that main actress from Fashion King, is together with him in the movie.. eeeeeee... Fashion King spoil the image of her... lol!

Heaven's Postman (2009)
quite nice! love the ending~~~

anyway, the korean variety Win Win is ending already!! :( very sad cos next time no more htht with korean stars on TV! :( http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/12/kim-seung-woos-win-win-gets-cancelled/

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