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mardi, février 19, 2013

♥ movies

havent been watching much movies in e theaters, only 'The Impossible' last 2 fridays ago. it's a true story of a family who survived the tsunami in Dec 26, 2004... real good..

and so, i finally searched some (old) movies to watch!
1) The Fierce Wife, final episode  / 犀利人妻
although some parts really arent necessary, else, it really doesnt link (in my opinion), at least it's a happy ending! #finally.

2) Kaiji 2
watched Kaiji on the plane last Jan and was so excited abt 2, but nv got a chance to watch it in theater, dunno why! ha, still watching, tbc..
ok, just finished watching, super good!! my goodness, kinda thankful i found this movie online (ooops) and i'm not hoping for a Kaiji 3, cos it just means that he's in debt again! but anyways, this movie is so good! i think it's comparable if not better than the 1st.. 

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