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mardi, mars 26, 2013

♥ God of the Increase (Lyrics)

This song was composed by some of our worship leaders within 24 hours during leaders retreat last weekend (Thank You God for the creativity that you've gave!!) can't rmb the actual lyrics, thus the qns marks! but the tune is nice!! (edited again!)

God of the increase

We will trust in You
We will look to You
We put our faith in You
We put our hope in You

There is no one greater
There is no one stronger

You're our Provider
Our Father
The God of everything

You're our Saviour
Our Healer
Defender and King

You are the only sufficient
and faithful God
You never change
Forever and always the same

There will be more than enough
For you are our God
God of the increase
You are our God

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