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dimanche, mars 10, 2013

♥ random week

this weekend has been pretty "exciting"...

8 Mar - went to collect passport and jalan at ION Orchard for a few purposes (shun bian k...) went home etc, den heard from ma that she got into a car accident :/ thank God no one injured, car damaged luh.. den went for net outreach and watched 'Letters to God'..

9 Mar - workday and video "workday".. wanted to head for edge but fell asleep on e sofa.. zzzz..

10 Mar - Church w/out car, haha! feels a lil weird initially, but thankfully i havent been too dependent on a car yet, phew. but taking a bus still kinda sian... had video duty in the evening, this speaker - dr revi zacharias, is a v good apologist! but sadly, i didnt pay much attention in e video room.. den had dinner w UMA, ADA and nic.. the convo was a lil weird, random and awkward..

not in accordance.
1. what kinda jobs i'm looking for.
2. church camp @ penang (plane tickets)
3. church camp @ kl (when we drove up tgt w UMA, jie and jem in 2009 - i nv blogged about it sia! zzzz)
4. singapore budget (HAHA, "first hand" news #truth)
5. army (book in, book out, studies)
6. missions (to okinawa, japan)
7. missions (to india, USA, etc)
8. USA trip that UMA and ADA had
9. Disneyland princesses
10. Names of the 7 princesses..

i never knew the princesses had names.. :/
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Little Mermaid.. ??
Rapanzel, Mulan, Aladdin's gf, Postesfess??

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