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vendredi, mars 08, 2013

♥ Random - 1N2D

yeah, been watching 1N2D season 2 for a year already! been watching season 1 only in early Jan last year, but that season sadly ended in late Feb.. new season started, and there's news that the current PD Bird and KSW (Kim Seung Woo) are leaving due to health & work commitment respectively. sianz. like after the rapport is built, the guys starts leaving..

that aside, found these on a website / tumblr account, cant help but to post these up. Dunno who did these, but it's so them...

1N2D season 2 cast :

Cha Tae Hyun! (yes, the one who acted in My Sassy Girl, funny guy, i guess he broke the ice in episode 1 first, he's such a funny guy!)

Sung Shi Kyung! (didnt know him till season 1's viewers trip, wah, he was in charge of the 91-100 + 102 yrs old elderly, and he really took care of them like his own grandparents, salute! guess that's why he joined season 2 as a perm cast!)

Kim Jong Min! (i literally LOL when i saw the "WOW!", like, yes. KJM's favourite word...)

Joo Won! (like him cos of Bridal Mask, didn't really enjoy watching him on 1N2D actually cos he's so sticky to the others, but it's till i watched Win Win (HAHA, wth, too much shows) den i understood his actions in 1N2D...)

Kim Seung Woo! (kinda shocked that he's really leaving 1N2D :( like... traitor! ha, but he's really a good sport to be so active in this show, how many 40+ yrs old guys can be like him sia.. Lee Sugeun is sure gonna miss this man alot... after the end of Win Win a month ago, i was thinking tat at least LSG n KSW still had 1N2D, but ohwells. disruptive butt, how can anyone forget that!)

my fav, Uhm Tae Woong! (Great actor, v lame, love dogs, terrible at games, suited to be a PD instead. lol! literally sum up the pic too!)

Lee Su Geun! (i think after Kang Ho Dong left, den he finally managed to get out of his "shell" and be a great MC. which was a v gd thing. he don't take all the attention on camera, he shares it.)

a new PD will be replacing PD Bird, and someone else will take over KSW. i really do not hope it's Kang Hodong - was from Season 1, yes, he did well in season 1 and there wasnt a proper closure for him (cos of some tax-paying policy that he didnt fulfill, had to resign from variety) but i think with him around in Season 2, Lee Su Geun, Kim Jong Min and Uhm Tae Woong would definitely be like what they were in Season 1 (background, quiet, etc...) KHD will take all the attention but maybe to him, that's hosting for a variety show, but others might see it as demanding mah..

a lot of people mentioned that they prefer RM to 1N2D, well, i cannot deny that RM is v good and extremely funny.. but both shows' concept are quite different..

RM : 1 shoot = 1 episode vs 1N2D : 1 shoot = 2 episodes

RM : games & more games
1N2D : bokbulbok games & sleeping & morning missions

RM : games = ripping of nametag
1N2D : sightseeing around South Korea

RM : catered to younger group of people
1N2D : a wide range of people, young to old people

i guess, it's up to the editors, scriptwriters and cameramen who can create a solid show.. i rmb watching the dolphin trip for 1N2D, exciting at first, but that short trip = 3 episodes long = repetition = boring. i think i saw the same scene at least 3-4 times = bad. and that was like the 7th or so episodes..
// oops, mistake.. epi 6, 7, 8 was this special trip.. the dolphin's in epi 9, 10 which was short but very few camera shots, kept using the same ones..

but other episodes was good, like they went to this place where dinosaurs used to exist! WHAT.. and they went to an island that was pretty historical towards Koreans (a war between Korea and Japan, den Japan claimed that's the island is there's, vice versa, but Korea got it back and security is v tight over there)..

but at the end of the day, i like my shows to be educational. it's interesting to know of South Korea's history, and even what markets, beaches, islands, etc.. seeing how bro-mance is found among celebrities (for real, not hypocritical bro-mance) Season 1 was great too! i love both shows' games, no doubt, but i dun wanna turn off my computer and just think of the games and betraying (HA!) but something that makes me drawn to that country la. not just the people, but for the country ya. kthxbye.

Level 7 Civil Servant got a lil boring at episode 8... and it's 20 episodes long, omg.. by 8, should be the climax but it's going down... watched episode 12 the other day, dunno where it's heading to, slightly confused w the show.. hmm.. but still can watch bah..

Channel U 10pm show - No Regrets, finally a HK drama on TV! i think it's been years since a HK drama at 10pm sia.. it's just so good. out of 10, i would rate 9.9/10! HAHA!
storyline is just so good, 32 episodes long. it's way b4 the war started and till slightly after the war ended etc.. only from episode 14, the war reached Guangdong, war ended in episode 26/27. which was long but so emotional and blahhhhh.

this gotta be the best drama of the year, or else the actors and actresses need to win a medal. and i like it that it always end at the most exciting moment! i mean, editors, you did a great job. music wise = awesome. theme song = so angsty! acting = solid. only bad point, is that the main actor and actress were only tgt for 5 min (10 years la, but only 5 min or lesser on screen time) as a real couple in the show b4 he passed away.. HA! love the ending, made me teared.

haha. thankfully i managed to dl and watch it, else it's kinda embarrassing to cry in front of the tv w ur family members? hahaha.. (that's cos we always used to laugh at one another whenever we teared / cried in front of the tv, years ago.. hahaha memories... but yeah, that's why we paisei to cry or else get ji siao..)

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