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samedi, avril 27, 2013

♥ my polaroid camera background story...

Word-y post ahead. read only if you very free....

was watching Korean Variety show 'Barefoot Friends' the other day, consists of Kang Hodong, UEE, Kim Hyun Joong, etc.. when i remembered watching KHJ in 'We Got Married' in 2008.. lol.. yes, the few original couples - Andy & Solbi, Alex & Shin Ae, Crown J & Seo In Yeong, Hyungdon & Saori, Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo.. the concept was very good, getting to know each other as married couples, etc.. only sad thing - will break up eventually.

That aside, I remembered watching Alex & Shin Ae in the first episode using a Polaroid Camera (with self timer!).... HAHAHA... and Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo using Instax Wide camera in later part of the show! It so happened that the 1st episode was ard April, i think i watched it in late April / early May.. so i regretted (slightly), that i never knew instant cameras existed, or else, i would had gotten & brought it along to Philippines in March 2008.. i really hated that we took so much photos on our digital cameras but couldnt give them anything.

At that point of time, i was still using my Dopod phone (i realised that i have lots of "weird" and unique hp(s)...), but my camera got spoilt the previous year (out of focus, pic very blurry), and battery had problems (i still rmb the dreadful day in Philippines when i was "trapped" in the school toilet, friend outside couldnt hear my cries (literally!), called my other friend who was recuperating at "base camp" & cried and told her my situation and phone went flat!) So i couldnt take any photos, just imagine my regrets after i found out that instant cameras existed. Haha, it sounds stupid but i really did not know before.. and so that's why when i watched it and found out (a little late), i decided to go all out to buy 1 on eBay! which i did...

yes, the timestamp is proof. i received it on 12 Jun 2008.. just came back from cousins' place (stay over!!), and found this on my bed :p 

went to get the film and used it on Uncle Melvin's bday too!

Hahaha, blurry to be honest, and colour not good.. cos i didn't use flash... (omg, i still rmb the details). sadly, Polaroid announced that they will not be making anymore instant films in 2009.. and by the time i wanted to buy in June 2009, most photo shops stopped selling it alr.. films then cost $25/10 photos. yes. and so i stopped using instant camera for a while till Apr / May 2010 when i started working, i went to get Fujifilm Instax Wide Camera...

LOL, i still rmb.. i bought it at Bugis / Sim Lim Square that area.. i was with Cleone that day! I saw this and was so tempted to buy it (ouchhhh) and i had enough money (not cheap, not cheap then...) so i bought it. LOL. good to use la.. hard to find films ba.. by then, The Impossible Project started to develop new Polaroid films.. and i think i bought some of them in 2011.. haiz.. not cheap ok... $32 / 8 photos.. and it's beta form lor.. haiz..
But anyway, after that, my polaroid / instax camera journey started...

Reason for having (so many) Polaroid / Instax Cameras. Sadly but truthfully, is to make me feel less guilty and to not have regrets in life (in missing that fleeting moment!)

Up till this day, a part of me still regret not having an instant camera when i went to Philippines. For real. 5 years. 5 years.

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