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jeudi, avril 25, 2013

♥ old days

was looking through some photos that i stored in my ext hdd, wow.. it was really long ago.. ok, maybe since i had a hp camera (days) aka 2006 onwards nia.. i think i lost some photos, maybe i should get on photobucket (if the website and my photos still exists) and find more photos.. lol.. it's just cos we were supposed to post some past youth camp photos on FB, that's why i thought of finding them but alas, i cant find any group youth camp pics.. lol..

the first youth camp i went to..
2004 - Theme: 24/7 experience, East Coast Park Chalet
Roomies - Cleone, Dawn & Sylvia
no photos, at all :( camera phone, why you no exist then!
but it was my worst camp, got attacked by bed bugs. dirty beds, plus i had a cut on my toe that's why it kinda got infected. sad.

2006 - Theme: ?? brown shirt, Desaru Malaysia
Roomies - Kristen, Su Ping & Lynette?
one of the worst youth camp resorts.. (as said by everyone...) December was the worst timing to head there.. dirty showering water, sea was polluted, food place was infested with flies, monkeys were hanging ard.. best thing, we stayed in a pretty big "suite".. 2 rooms (consisted of Cleone, Karina, Chie Hui and Dawn?), living room, dining table, kitchen, 1 toilet nia..

2007 - church camp! malacca!
Roomies - Su Ping, Lynette, Sook Yi
Fun! cos got lots of free time :p

didnt go for youth camp from 2007-2008..

2009 - Theme: ?? KL Malaysia
Roomies - Joey, Caryn & ??
quite ok.. the set up was more significant than the youth camp (sadly)..

Jemima, my sis and i followed Uncle Melvin up to KL on sunday afternoon after service.. i realised i didnt blogged about it so i should now!
We went to CCK building first (ard 1 plus) cos UMA wanted to get some stuffs, and then had lunch near church (ard 3?) and headed off to Woodlands checkpoint (by 330?).
1 thing we were all amazed of, was UMA's skill in packing.. Just a normal SUV van / car, and he managed to stuff the 4 of our luggage (?), plus ALL the AV equipments needed for Church Camp - english service and chinese service.. Jem and i were sitting behind the driver's seat, while jie was next to him.. we know the car isnt that big, but yeah, he still managed to pack so well!
That aside, we were stuck at the checkpoint for 2 hours plus. haha. cos of some declaration thing, conflict w the custom, so someone (who actually "caused the whole trouble") needed to take it back to singapore.. and the irony was... he was praised for bringing it over in time else we wont be able to use the AV system at all. yes, it was very important thing - scaler or smth, cant rmb.. without it, we really cannot use AV system for church camp.. but that aside, if that person didnt caused the unnecessary trouble from the start, we wouldnt had leave the custom only at 5 / 6 pm.. more to come...
we left checkpoint ard 5 plus 6pm, all kanchiong alr la. wasted so much time doing nothing.. UMA managed to chiong to KL (not easy too, we lost our way, had dinner, talked to him else he'll fall asleep, went to wrong exits) ard 10 plus.. finally reached Berjaya Times Square! but guess what, there was a riot going on. not sure why, but ppl gathered there and we had so much difficulty getting over to the hotel side (if you know what i mean, 1 side is the shopping centre, the other side is the hotel) UMA was like "of all timings! why tonight, why now, why not a few moments later!" i think cos we were the first car that kena blocked. zzzz. after a long while, we managed to get over and UMA went over to lobby to check in, but alas! no room for 3 of us girls! argh... and i cant rmb what happened but jie and jemima went down to look for somebody, but in the end we couldnt contact them and etc (super drama) plus UMA was so agitated by everything, now the 2 girls "missing".. actually they weren't missing, they went to somewhere which i cant rmb.. and so we wasted more time at Berjaya and FINALLY headed over to Federal Hotel around 11 plus close to 12... after all the hoo-ha, UMA called us for supper LOL.. slept n had breakfast ard 7 plus, packed and went down to Berjaya for set up... we felt so drained even before set up, imagine UMA's.. lol..
so the thing is, if we were able to leave checkpoint on time, i'm sure we can eliminate some of the hoo-ha as mentioned. so when that person was praised (hmmm...) the 3 of us were shocked la.. but surprisingly, UMA was an exemplary person! he said it doesnt matter who gets the credit but so long as everything works and etc (cant rmb exact words)
and den went for youth camp, was in Norton..

didnt go for 2010's.. working..

2011 - Theme: ??, Rompin Malaysia
Roomies - Cherie & Rachel
quite fun ba... oh, i rmb getting sunburnt.. had ugly sandals marks..

2012 - Theme: ??, KL Malaysia
Roomies - Rebecca, Clarissa, Madeline
it wasnt much of a youth camp, more of a Family Camp.. so it's like a region kinda thing! went to Sunway Lagoon! some of our region youths had fellowship in the morning n nights! sad thing, we werent staying at berjaya :(

hmm.. looking forward for this year's youth camp.. i hope it's my last.. haha!

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