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lundi, mai 06, 2013

♥ Getaway soon!

woohoo! can't wait for the short getaway trip to Batam on 24-26 May, with 'the ex-colleagues' gang! i know for sure that they wont read this blog (HAHA!) so i can finally type out my 'problem' now!

Coincidentally, the 3 of their bday(s) ALL fall in the month of May. Not that i only have colleagues who are born in the month of May, just so happened that...
1st one - we enter the company at the same time, same batch, different department.
2nd one - new colleague, in same department, literally co-workers, just enter 1 week after me. went through same work.
3rd one - live in tampines too, take bus company transport together, sometimes OT together, enter company 2 years earlier, totally different department.

and so their bdays are on 11*, 23, 26 May...

*made a mistake earlier...
1) do a celebration all at 1 time?
(obviously i will pay? cant ask the others to pay, it's like asking them to pay for their own presents...)

2) give 11 and 23 May's presents separately? but we'll be meeting only on 24 may, unless post. But if i wanna get the others to contribute, also awkward. like, they'll know what i'm gonna do for them.. HAHA.. cannot reuse the same ideas..

3) celebrate 26 May's when strike 12? LOL. but will need to get cake from shopping centre...

4) buy cupcakes from Singapore, (must be halal.....) and keep in fridge? :/

5) i cant think of other solutions. :(

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