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jeudi, mai 23, 2013

♥ Planning in Progress

23 May, 0130hr
Oh yeah, i'm finally almost done with the presents and everything.

What I've done:
1) 2 complete cards, 1 halfway :( to be done BY tomorrow!
2) Balloons, "Ribbons"/ String (to tie on balloon), Masking Tape (to stick on ceiling, no helium arh).
3) 2 completed gifts, 1 halfway :( to be done BY tomorrow!

What I intend to do:
23rd May -
Get Gift Card & sweets
Change IDR
Cut hair. LOL
head for BBQ
pack luggage!

24th May -
Head down to Vivo by 1030am, get 3 cakes.
Meet to celebrate their bday
@ Resort,
Look out for room service's cakes

25-26th May -
We bathe till late, make sure friend's the last to bathe + time must be approx 1145pm.. indo time la...
while bathing:
- get cake
- blow balloons, tie string, stick masking tape
- hang banner
give 3 cards + gifts!

24 May 0226hr,
and so... i've found a job! :) ok, not found, i've got a job! it's hard to find la.
and i'm still packing my bag. die.
need to leave home by 915am later.. wake up by 745am.. oh my..

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