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mercredi, mai 01, 2013

♥ the end times

it's just so real and scary that we are indeed living in the end times. as much as we've heard and read from the Bible, it's until we feel the sense of urgency and see what the world has come to, den do we snap out of our dreams.

1 May 2013.

Momentum Conference is so good, just directing to us about the Home + Family Gates. (one of the 7 gates!) as much as some can guess, it's about the 377A.

Pray, intercede, share with people, i don't want my children (in future) to be growing up in a non-traditional education system. Singaporeans should stop being against the foreigners and complain so much when we have one of the best government system in the world. yes, so what if their pay is one of the best paying salaries among the world. I respect what the government has done for us in the past 48 years. I thank God for government and ministers who still keep moral values.

Singaporean thinking:
Cos the govt keep raising standards of living = need more money for flat, family expenses, education = can't have more than 1 or 2 or 3 kids = lack of human population in country = more foreigners.

However, what if it's the opposite way?
Married, have kids = increase in population growth = more manpower in our small country (smart people!) = lesser foreigners

It's 2 way, Singaporeans! We all need to do our part, to procreate so that it's the least we can do to lower foreign immigrants! birth rate is 1.3 (in 2012). imagine. your kid can't replace both parents at all! what if you're the only child? you need to give birth to at least 5 kids to replace you & your spouse, 1 of your parent (cos your parents only managed to replace 1 of them only with you) and 2 more to add on to the population! What we need now, is normal and traditional = 1 Man, 1 Woman, Children in a Family Unit.

Just imagine the LGBT group repealing the Section 377A again, do you want your children to be taught that same-sex marriage is ok for them? that it is ok to have 2 fathers, or 2 mothers or it's ok to be doing immoral acts between same-sex?

How LGBT activists behave:
1) Tolerance (i don't bother you, you shouldn't bother me. this is my private life.)

2) Acceptance ( Accept me for who I am)
if after abolishment of S377A..

3) Celebration ( I am a Human Being and have Human Rights, like you!)
// they actually do 'Gay Pride Day' kind of things ya.

4) Force Participation

5) Punishment to those who oppose.
// how a father was so upset and angry with the same-sex teachings taught in kindergarten in his 5 yr old child, but got jailed because he was against the homosexuals. true story, happened in one of those countries that abolish S377A

During some of the "sessions", some videos were shown. Lady Gaga's performance in Singapore last year (Born this way), her little monsters in Singapore and Indonesia (live streaming), doing the hand sign (occult), calling herself a Rebel and not giving a f*** of who people are, showing acts of homosexuality on stage and just polluting the mind of Singaporeans. I told myself to never ever watch, nor listen to LGG since i found out that she practises occult (not exactly) but through her music since 2010. the 1 eye, butterflies, change from good girl to bad girl. like Katy Perry :( it's because i am so afraid of what the music can actually pollute mind. The devil is so smart. going through the media gate. I wanted to scream, cry, throw eggs at the screen while watch the act of LGG earlier. i am so crushed.

And pinkdot . sg is growing. The people are coming out and asking for acceptance. 'I am born this gay', etc.

Not only that, i was more shocked at how the use of media manages to advocate the LGBT movement (not so movement yet, but it will happen, sadly). Jackie Chan, Sharon Au, Dim Sum Dollies, Adam Lambert, Jason Mraz, Glee, Modern Family, A* Mei, Starbucks, Apple, Levi's, Google, Windows, are all ambassadors or else are LGBT who supports this 'freedom to love' / 'coming out of their closet'. I am just so sad and burdened for the nation.

We know what is right and wrong, but this generation is know heading towards their feelings. 'I feel this, i feel that...' No, our moral values should not change! Some may be saying that we have freedom of speech, human rights. What is Human Rights?

Can you imagine if the law gets abolished, these will happen:
- when you go for ultrasound scan to find the gender of your foetus, or even the day you give birth to your child, the doctors won't be saying 'Ah, it's a girl!' or 'Ah, it's a boy!' but going like this 'Ah, i can't confirm if it's a girl or a boy,  we'll have to wait till he's 5 years old till he decides the gender he wants!'

- same-sex education will be taught in the school. nursery, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, JC, Poly, Universities. Outrage of modesty? perhaps the law would no longer exist. A boy might enter a girl's toilet, a girl might enter a boy's toilet.

-“Sex before 8 or else it’s too late” is the motto of the North American Man Boy Love Association, can you imagine this happening to your children? I will die if my kids get humiliated this way.

- We can never stand on our moral values without being persecuted. Bible or Quran, we clearly do not allow same-sex marriage, but we will surely kena if we wanna stand firm on our teachings and values, and if the law get abolished.

Reasons why people turn homosexual. 
No, you are NOT born this way! STOP SINGING LADY GAGA'S SONG AND STOP BEING BRAINWASHED! you were never meant to be a LGBT.

- Lack of Father's love. that's why you look to another guy for comfort and love.
- Lack of Mother's love, might be overbearing, always scolding. that's why look to other women for security and love.
- Sexually abused by someone

You can change, you may struggle, but nothing is impossible.

We love who they are, but we do not support the acts that they do.

We, Singaporeans, are a conservative country. More and more LGBT are speaking up already. Everyone in Singapore should do their part now, stop sitting on the fence and stay neutral. That is the most cruel thing you can ever do.

Just like doing a survey, with 5 options,
- Strongly Agree
- Agree
- Neutral
- Disagree
- Strongly Disagree

We all know that leaving your answer as 'neutral' does not benefit the surveyor at all.

Do you want your children to be so confused and brainwashed by what they call "a norm", by having 2 mommies (Heather has 2 mommies), 2 daddies (King and King book) and even being unsure of their own gender?

"Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God,"
"We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."
- I cannot agree more with these statements!

I love how God created Man and woman. I love how everything just came in so neatly.
Genesis -
Adam - Human Kind.
Rib out of Adam - taking out the feminine characteristic of Adam
Earth - Man and Woman = marriage. (2 will become 1)
that was how God created mankind in the first place!

Matthew 19:5
2 will become 1....

Heaven - Jesus and the Church = Marriage.

Perhaps God wants us to know the pattern of Heaven, so he did it in the earth manner = man and female.

God, forgive me of all prejudice, fear, self righteousness, verbal abuse, discrimination, bullying and physical abuse, double standards. I pray that i will look and love people the same way that you love. It's not gonna be easy, but God, help my unbelief. Amen.

God shows & teaches me love at...
11:25 PM

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