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dimanche, juin 30, 2013

♥ month of June

thought i should do a quick update on the month of June before it strikes 12! :)

anyway, i've never felt soooooooo blessed! so true, the more you give, the more you receive! but of course, your heart need to have the right motives lah.. you can't give cos you expect something in return, but it's like what i learnt in the past, you need to be "giving without expecting anything in return".

This month feels better than Christmas itself!

the things i've received:
1) Free tickets to SEA Aquarium & small angpow from Company! (enter at the right timing, happened to be the last week of sign-ups :p )
2) Christopher Vine Design mug and card from Jemima! (i havent bring to office to use yet!)
3) Chocolates and chocolates (from Germany) from Tiffany! (really yummy!)
4) Movie tickets to GV from cousin, Weiwen! (woohoo! time to watch movies!)
5) Key Chain & chocolates (from US) and a jacket (from HK university! HAHA, ayyy world rank 35 hor! NUS only 29, NTU only 86) from Olivia!
6) Cadbury Chocolates from brother's gf! (which i gave to others, in the end!)

and best of all,
Trip to Sydney-Melbourne is confirmed and booked! yay! cos is my dad's who paying**! :D HAHA!

No, my father is not rich even though his name is Rich-ard, haha! but i guess, he's rich in the Lord so the more he gave (to God and to the family), the more he received = family more blessed!
And no, my father is not rich cos he has to take care of his wife (my mother) and raise 4 kids on his own! So, we can clearly see that God has blessed my family and father! and please lor, my sister and i went for private university = expensive ttm ok!

Yes, even though i miss out on eating prawns / seafood for this 1 week plus, but i rather not eat them and receive the above! HAHA!

can't thank God enough for these awesome people in my life! (and also to those not listed!) thank you Jesus for teaching me so much in these months!

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