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samedi, juin 29, 2013

♥ Work so far

This is so weird, I rmb saving a draft previously but I can't find the post! Thankfully didn't type much that time.

Yes, I've found a job. Can't express how thankful I am for the job, though worries and fears set in, really gotta put my trust in God.

Post- Graduation days:
Been applying for jobs since after CNY 2013, only had 1 company calling me for interview in late Feb/ early March. Waited for months and spent that time watching variety / drama! Haha, now I can't even watch my favourite 1N2D sia. A thought struck me that perhaps, I was still waiting for a job for 3 months is because God wanted me to realign my personal walk n commitment with Him. (Which I haven't been doing consistently then) After realizing it, I took up my Bible and told myself to set aside time before I sleep to - worship, read a few chapters and pray! (I confess, this week haven't been doing all these faithfully!)

Interview drama:
I told a whole bunch of ppl so I should type this out to remember God's favour..
One Sunday night in May, I decided to ask God for a job (I mean, since it's His promises in the Bible, I wanted to claim it :p ) so I told Him that if no companies call me by Tuesday, I will apply for jobs at the Ulu west. Yes, to be honest, I never applied any jobs at the west cos I hated working at that side of Spore (bad memories). No calls till Tuesday and I was getting worried, cos I really didn't want a job at the west! But God is faithful, a call came in at 3pm, offering a job interview at Loyang area the next day! Yippee, don't need to look for jobs in the west!

Day of interview (Wed)
Surprisingly, nothing went wrong on my way for the job interview :) previously, for all my 3 job interviews (after poly and uni):
1) i got caught in the rain and lost my way at AMK, was supposed to be early but became on time.
2) shoe spoil, missed my stop, caught in rain, drenched for interview, was supposed to be early but was late.
3) recent one, no taxi for 30 min, wore worst attire for interview, lousy interview response. Was supposed to be early but was slightly late.
But this time, i got the bus, reached the company half an hour early and went for the interview!

Waiting for offer days:
They mentioned that will notify in 2 weeks time, and so I was asking God again (I feel wicked sia, but I was desperate!) that if the company never call back by that Friday, I will apply for other jobs. Obviously no one called cos it's only 2 days.. So I asked Him again, that if the job is really for me (and I kind of just want to settle for this job liao) den can the company call me by next Friday?.. The following Friday was Vesak Day, so technically is only until Thursday office hour.. Yes, no one called! I was so sad, every time I look at my phone, no calls or emails. We had AV BBQ at church that Thursday evening luh, so on my way to church, was busy SMS-ing when I received a phone call at 6:40pm like that.. :/ to be honest, i kind of gave up of that job liao but woohoo, the company did call me back and asked if I needed a few days to consider. I never heard or seen myself so desperate before, I said "Yes! Yes! I want this job!" so it got me thinking again, that sometimes God's time is really different from our time. That's why He is God.

I asked God for favour and good colleagues and not so stress working environment (never work for so long, engine cannot take it...)
Stress on my first day, didn't exactly like the working environment, only saw big boss, boss, 2 planners, IT and PA. When I was home that night, I think I cried cos I thought I saw "images" of my old colleagues in my new company. Yuck, I hated my ex-colleagues (not those i hang out with)! But i prayed against those thoughts and fears cos sometimes you never know what the devil wants to do to you! Work was ok on the first week, but wasnt so good for colleagues cos they were shorthanded! 1 planner was on leave (so 1 of them need to cover duty), Asst Planner was on MC and leave (so lack of people to do administrative jobs), 1 planner just mind his own business, 1 planner was teaching me, so only left with 1 planner (the one covering) & a half (the one teaching me) to do work.. it was a hectic week for them. it turned out that boss mentioned that she didnt want me to learn too much cos i was on UPL in 3rd week of June due to church camp, so she know that i will cfm forget them.. The usual case for new planners = by 1st / 2nd week, will handle your own work centre already. but i guess that since the AP wasn't around + going on leave = slower pace for me. Now that i'm back from leave, boss really try to teach me a lot (and ask a lot of qns!), but yeah, thankfully colleagues gave lots of tips at work! i think next week would be worse. HAHA. oh well.

It's been a month since i started working, finally dun feel so weird with colleagues! and i heard that there's a new planner coming in next monday! (i guess she will be learning in a quicker pace than me!) don't know what lies ahead of me (stress, pop quiz, OT) but i shall hang on to His word! Romans 8:28 ! [i hope i'm encouraged & rmb God's faithfulness the next time i read this post!]

22 May 2016.
Really thankful that i typed this post, cos reading it after 3 years really reminded me of God's favor and promise. It's a miracle and with a grateful heart, i'm thankful for the people around who made it more bearable.
2 nights ago, i was using the bible app and randomly chose a bible plan to read. Guess what was the verse that came up.

God shows & teaches me love at...
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