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lundi, juin 24, 2013

♥ Youth Camp 2013

And so.. Just came back from Penang last night, 17-21 June at Bayview Beach Resort, Penang.

Cherie, Vivian, Caryn, Joey & Julia!
Stayed in Room 528, very near the lift and no sea view but at least we had a not that bad view :)

Bazooka! Evelyn & Marcus was the GL & AGL! Very garang! Haha, the games was quite fun..

Bazooka oei, OEI.
Bazooka oei, OEI.
Are you ready? EVER-READY!
when I say you say we say what? BAZOOKA.
When I say you say we say what?
When I chant you chant we chant what? BA-BAZOOKA, BA-BAZOOKA, BA-ZOOKA, OEIIII...
Bazooka gonna raise the roof, oof oof oof oof.
Bazooka gonna lift some weights, ahh ahh ahh ahh.
Bazooka gonna sharpen pencil, ssss ssss ssss ssss.
Bazooka gonna drive a car, vroom vroom beep beep.
Bazooka gonna win this war, bazooka-ka ka ka ka ka go home la.

Buffet was shiok like siao! Love it so much. Went to buy satay and pizza opp the hotel too, ichiban!
We went to Gurney Drive to makan and shop also, a pity not much stuff to buy and eat..

Pastor Rudy shared about Praise, Dreams and something else! (i wrote on my notebook! lazy to type them out!) :/

rashes / sandflies / bedbugs. argh.
as if getting bedbugs in my 1st youth camp isn't enough (argh, angry.) , my (technically) last youth camp also kena this kind of sai. yes, i'm complaining. sucks to be me (at times like this).

(i cant believe i'm posting this up.. zzzz)
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