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jeudi, septembre 26, 2013

♥ September

Sigh pie. 

Sorry to be demoralising at the start of this post. I initially typed a chunk earlier this month but never finished that post.. So re-typing it from a later date. 

In summary, 

1. Confirmation letter. Mixed feelings. Haha, happy yet sad. Had appraisal too, quite interesting. 

2. New responsibilities. To take over a module cell (still in progress, haha!!) I'm not so smart leh, where can take over so fast.. 

3. EM duty planner. I nearly died. Like seriously. Surprisingly, Saturday was not as bad as I thought. I mean, yeah, things cropped up but still managed to settle cos I called my colleague!! :p but it was the weekdays that I wanted to die. Haiz. 

4. Sabbath week. So timely, immediately after EM duty week! (: just headed home n sleep almost everyday. I mean, what's the chances and odds to have your weekend free?! Oh, had steamboat and send the gid team off on sat! 

5. Current week. 
Sigh pie.

I just have a conclusion for this month. I had more wrinkles. For real. 

And I think I keep self inducing stress, keep having stomach pain, heart beat v fast, etc. Now I fully understand by the interview question : how do you relieve stress. 

Dear Jesus, I give you my all, just take it (and never give me back) :( 

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