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jeudi, octobre 24, 2013

♥ October 2

Work has been ok so far. Only worry, I'm on duty again next week. Sad. So fast. Besides that, only can pray for God to provide for lots of favour, wisdom, boldness n courage, strength and health. Basically, that's already everything right. 

I realised that as a planner, I need to plan my time at work properly too. So I need to come up with timetables or plans!

1) I'm not on duty and not covering anyone - which has been working well so far! (Plan so far so good)

2) not on duty, but need to cover (tried but still OT, so fail, need to replan)

3) EM duty, and own work (fail last time, will attempt next week)

4) CR duty and own work (okok, but can't rmb what I did clearly, will think about it in 2 weeks time)

5) CR duty, own work plus covering. (Failed, must come up with plan soon)

I know this sound retarded, but it will help me luh. If no choice, need to do OT, bobian lor..


Ok, finally uploaded some photos from my phone.

Recent - last weekend, headed over to Bintan with Jie n serene! 2D1N trip!

We could see the sunrise so clearly! Beautiful! Only plus point at Bintan Argo Resort. 
6 Oct - planetshakers in VFC Tamp!
Went for blood donation earlier that afternn with Cleone. Yes, it's ok to donate blood first before gg for wisdom tooth extraction.
27 Sept , net at Changi City Point. Farewell dinner for Jem. An all-girls net!
21 Sept - Yearly steamboat! Missed a couple more faces here!

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