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samedi, novembre 30, 2013

♥ November 3

Last day of the month.

Will be on duty again next Tuesday.
Lots of things to do on Monday morning!
- SPC charts
- Update EM icron
- SAP remaining 2 levels
- Machining schedule updates
- module kit dates (I am super terrible in this!)
- if Asst planner on leave : ZEPC, manhours,
- Monitoring Reports
- Networking (LOL)

Leave work by 6pm.

So scary, next Monday will be my 6th month here. I can't believe time passes so fast.
I have been facing some ironies recently.
When I first joined, somehow I felt that my skin is slightly thicker than my current state. Now, I feel paisei to ask (surprisingly). I dunno why, but this is how I feel. I know that I should be more daring and positive as time goes by, but yet I'm worried about unnecessary stuff.

Jesus, give me the wisdom n favour to work with people, dun wanna rely on my own strength n little knowledge. Help me to be sensitive to your spirit and work according to your will.

December is gonna be a super pack month.

1/12 - church
3/12 - CJ3 dinner
3/12 - 9/12 - duty week, + edge conference (still contemplating to go or not)
9/12 - Video BBQ
10/12 - HuiYu @ airport
11/12 - 22/12 : Aussie
23/12 - 25/12 : free :D
26/12 - Ice Cream with net
27/12 - Thanksgiving

God shows & teaches me love at...
11:24 AM

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