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samedi, décembre 14, 2013

♥ OZ Day 3

Woke up ard 9 plus, needed to check out and move to another hotel. 
We booked Central Station Hotel initially, however it was down for renovation till 13 dec, and we can only move in from 14th dec onwards. So they offered Central Railway Hotel for the first 2 nights and back to Central Station Hotel for the subsequent 3 nights.. Thus the moving of  hotel lor. 
Jie and CH arrived too and we met up at the hotel. Left to recce ard Circular Quay, Central and Darling Harbour.
Buffet dinner cruise at Majestic Cruises, felt under dressed cos 80% of the ppl wore so nicely. LOL. Dinner was ok, view was great, crowd too full. Haha. Took train back to Museum Station, which was slightly nearer to our hotel. 

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