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lundi, mars 24, 2014

♥ March

Month of March

Quite a busy month. Last week (Thurs to Sat) was the Leaders Advance and it was so good! Bishop oriel's session was filled with so much conviction. 1) setting things in order. 2) faith. 3) how to build a church. Pastor Danny was sharing with us the Area Vision, sounds confusing but we need to catch it! Lol.. AML, RML, AAML, ARML, ANP, etc..

You know how, whenever you are so fired up, some bad things always happen. But I need to learn to refocus!
I rmb someone shared before. What is your motive, and what is your motivation are 2 different things. Feels like an english lesson. But your motives doesnt motivates you.
Eg. My motive is to see a group of ppl accepting Christ. My motivation is the unceasing love and forgiving God.
So I need to rmb to draw strength from God!

God shows & teaches me love at...
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