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mercredi, avril 23, 2014

♥ April

Just trying to make sure that I post smth each month, lol, thankfully I checked..

It has been a pretty busy month... I would say since March/ Feb.. I guess for me, not having enough sleep or just relaxing for the whole day (esp Saturdays) is a way of 'destress' or to replenish backlog sleep...

Lol.. so I took half day on Monday w the intention of gg home to sleep :p but sadly, I was in great distress since that morning.. went to see the doctor and he gave me 2 days MC (yay!) Cos of high fever - ard 38.3℃ that day... Thank God the temp has gone down but I still experience body aches. I dun rmb doing any strenuous work in church for STH, so slightly worrying luh.

There's so many things to type... Upcoming net outreach, and finally, my transiting to the Young Adults. Sad to leave the net, but I'm just happy that I've learned a lot from them too. Not exactly sudden, I had the intention since last Aug/Sept... So it's finally taking place. Some were shocked, but I guess I'm lucky that I don't look my age (: hehehe ..

So I'm gonna rest a lot today, to prepare for my last 4 weeks in the Youth Ministry (: May 23 is gonna be the last day, happy sad...

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