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lundi, octobre 13, 2014

♥ Oct 2

As expected, fell sick after last weekend.
Last tues : work (2 colleagues last min on leave)
Wed : work n exercise (plus chit chat)
Thur : work
Fri : work n expo
Sat : expo n hospital
Sun : expo , tamp, rubikon , sick

Forced myself to go to work this morning, mainly cos I wanted to finish my last CR prod meeting n archive my mailbox n follow up on a lot of things plus chit chat w colleagues. Haha. But it was terrible. Body was aching like mad, had to squat everywhere I went. Diarrhoea since morning, vomited my breakfast (thankfully only drank Milo, 70 cents), n fever was extremely high - 38.9℃. (It got higher in the day time, 39.3℃) I did took paracetamol last night, that's why I thought I could work this morning, but alas, I was looking my worst. Oh, forgot to say that I had nightmares the whole night.

Left office ard 1115am, n went to the clinic at 1125.. Meh, super long queue, the lady told me that I needed to wait for 45 min!! I was really suffering throughout the wait, slept in various positions while waiting n finally met the doctor at 1235.. (more than 1 hr!) got 3 days MC (yay, cos I requested for 1 more day) n headed home after that. I tell you, I never suffer so much while being sick.. 痛苦. Slept for a while before forcing myself to eat something with the medicine. My temp was 39.3℃ den. Good thing is that, after eating the medicine, my fever has gone down. Phew. But not cool, still vomited after I ate my dinner.

14 Oct
Hilarious. Ok, actually before this MC took place, I wanted to take half day on tues (ie today) cos I wanted to do a little set up (spill over from Sunday), and leave on Wed (got doctor appt in the afternoon) so these MC came to handy plus I could save 1.5 days of leave :p

Besides that, when I came to church today (i was still not feeling good n had diarrhoea, never geng MC hor), was so thankful that it was set up by uncle Peter (and later Ernest) . But the point is, uncle Peter (& his son) did saw me outside the clinic ytd, but were doubtful if the person was really me.. Haha, I was in the most unglam state pls. Sleeping in weirdest positions while waiting for my turn to see the doctor. But yea, I cfm with him that it was really me. Hahaha. At least I got witnesses that I did visit the clinic liao.

Ok, I really do hope that I get well soon.. my stomach keeps churning, n I keep breaking out in perspiration. Meh.

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