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samedi, novembre 01, 2014

♥ Nov

Title is kinda expected. Haha.
Ok, since I fell sick the previous time, work has been fairly good till....
MC 3 days » work 2 days » Weekends » work 2 days » Public Holiday » work 2 days » Weekends » Work 6 days + 1 Sunday...

Dunno why I worked so much, but this is how much time I spend in office this week..

Mon : 730am - 630pm.
Tues : 650am - 730pm.
Wed : 7am - 650pm (Last min got fire alarm!!)
Thurs : 650am - 850pm
Fri : 7am - 11pm
Sat : 650am - 545pm

I was wreaking my brain on Sat morning, finding out the reason why I didn't managed to leave office on time on Fri. Saying, "super a lot of things to do" sounds like an understatement, but yes, really a lot leh..

7am - 820am : prep for Prod mtg
820am - 920am : Prod mtg
920am - 940am : asking ppl about urgent part, give timeline.
940am - 10am : read emails, prep QV mtg
10am - 1020am : QV mtg
1020am - 1045am : read n reply emails
1045am - 1115am : structure creation.
1115am - 1150am : PI mtg & B3 mtg
1150am - 1225pm : continuation of struction creation
1225pm - 1240pm : prep to start PM monitoring reports
1240pm - 230pm : lunch (Friday, I deserve 2 hrs of break)
230pm - 4pm : talk, emails (sigh pie)
4pm - 415pm : supposedly a mtg, postponed due to lack of info
415pm - 430pm : reply urgent emails.
430pm - 520pm : the postponed mtg, another big hooha.
520pm - 540pm : talk to "godfather", reply more urgent emails.
540pm - 6pm : trying to settle down to start on reports.
6pm - 620pm : talk w bosses.
All the way from 620pm - 920pm : while doing reports, emails. Sigh. Cos will require you to think and plan, so will take time also mah.
10pm - daily reports sent.
10pm - 11pm, update, emails.
And I hardly went ard to shop floor to chit chat! So frustrating. Thing is, you are required to reply those emails. So can't delay for too long also.

Ok, the thing is, Nov sounds like another really busy month. But I think, ya. Random. I should plan for a trip in Jan then. Since I can't clear my leave this year.

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