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dimanche, février 01, 2015

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Just finished reading this book by Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Raising the Dead. He came to speak in our church some time late last year, and he shared on he obeyed God and prayed over a man who was declared dead. The man really came back to life after the prayer (& 1 more electric shock). He shared with his banker friend that night, the friend told his wife, the wife told her colleague, turned out, the man who died and rose again was the colleague's ex husband, and she had been praying for his salvation for 20 odd years. Even better, on the same day that he died, his daughter was at the car park of the hospital, praying to God and asked for her father to be born again in the hospital. Dr Crandall obeyed God's voice and prayed for him to raise from the dead. He later accepted Jesus as his Lord & Saviour. Looking at the whole picture, you just can't help but feel amazed at how God is so wise, faithful and loving, and how everything falls so neatly in His time.

Yeah, I was so encouraged by his sharing that I decided to purchase the book on Amazon... What I didn't know was that, in this book, he shared on his journey with God while facing the death of his son. I can't rmb if it was in the book, but this phrase just struck in my mind, that you need to be so broken & desperate, to reach out to God.

We take God for granted, we expect fast response, we rely on natural thinking. But in fact, I've learnt that nothing beats having a hungry & desperate spirit for God. Praying, worshipping, listening are so critical and essential. I know by heart & mind about these, but I've to admit, sometimes I don't do it too.

To say that this book is good, seems to be an understatement. But the God that was written in it, is the same God that's living in my heart today.

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