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mercredi, juin 10, 2015

♥ June

I can't believe it's been a month since my holiday, I'm literally drowning in all the work... With the new WTF (walk the floor) that just started last week, is really messing up my whole routine. Literally. There's just too much work, you cannot finish doing. I'm pretty sure it will take a few weeks or months before it settles down. But argh, struggling. With the manpower shortage, new procedure & the never ending daily work, there is really not enough time to do. On top of updating the ESR in the morning, you need to update engg's TVs & materials' dates in the ESR after the WTF which ends ard 10am. In between will have meetings and structure creations. By the time I got time to start on my work, it's alr 530pm. No joke.

I guess I was most affected cos of last weekend. With the new WTF, we weren't required to go back to office on Saturday since there's no more prod mtg. But I decided to go back due to the backlog that I had + payback boss half day time off. Just when I needed to leave at 530, smth cropped up. Shit only happens when you wanna head home :) on a Saturday. I left at 6 with more shit after that. After which, had family dinner to celebrate my ma's bday. I was so exhausted I couldn't enjoy the dinner + fellowship. I slept immediately after I reached home at 11. Next day, went for church. I finally attended service after nearly 2 months (due to holidays + video & nursery duty). Went home & sleep. And then church again for evening service. What I lacked was my precious sleep :(

Was talking to UMA after evening service, he was encouraging me. Like how we shouldn't worry about tmr, and trust in God. But I told him that this job doesn't allow you to do that. Which after that he said... in everything that we do, rmb to go back to the source, draw strength from God. Wah, my heart really skip a beat. Sadly, I really forgot about it.

I was clearly still affected on Monday... Cos when I bought breakfast in the canteen, I cried in front of the Malay stall & drinks stall aunty. Continued crying while having breakfast with my TLs. Wah, I was super pissed off with working, yet I cannot not care about work. Definitely stress. Really never hated work so much in my life before. But back to the reminder from previous day.

God shows & teaches me love at...
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