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dimanche, juin 28, 2015

♥ Travel Escapade

After my vacation for OZ this year, I'm looking forward for another long vacation next year.

List of countries I've went to the past few years.
2011 - Aussie Melbourne (sch trip);
M'sia Rompin (Youth camp)
2012 - Aussie Melbourne (sch trip);
M'sia KL (church camp);
2013 - Batam (Forever young trip);
M'sia Penang (Youth camp);
Bintan (friends' trip)
Aussie Sydney/Melbourne (grad trip)
2014 - Sg Staycation (V hotel)
Aussie Melbourne (video directors' trip);
Sg Staycation (Rasa sentosa, SR)
Taiwan (family trip);
2015 - Sg Staycation (marina mandarin)
Aussie Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney/Melbourne (holiday);
Msia JB KSL (family);
Hong Kong (holiday);
Goal for next 2 years. Save $$$.
2016 - Japan! Must see cherry blossom aka Sakura!
2017 - Europe! I never go before....
2018 - Visit the 7 wonders of the world!
China Beijing - Great Wall of China
India Delhi - Taj Mahal
Jordan - Petra
Italy Rome - Colosseum
Brazil Rio de Janeiro - Christ the Redeemer
Peru - Machu Picchu
Mexico - Chichen Itza
& if can, the original wonder : Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
(Alternatively, this can be the list of countries to go for the next 7-8 years?! Wahahaha)
That means I need to start saving more money for this….

Edit… this year spent a record amount of $$ sia…

Sg staycation (Carlton hotel)
Penang (holiday)
Sg staycation (RP on Scotts)
Sg staycation (Park Hotel Clarke Quay) 

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