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samedi, août 01, 2015

♥ August

July has finally ended, it was pretty good. Staycation was relaxing, Hong Kong trip was shiok w all the eating. Found out that I still had 3 days of AL, so booked another short trip to Penang in Nov. I managed to leave office on time throughout the week & catch the company bus / public bus w the "master" planner, except for last night :( missed gg planetshakers concert sia. My $$$. Really planned to leave on the dot but argh.

August has started, my fav month! I think that's what ppl usually says during their bday month. SG50 weekend is just next week! Gonna be really intense next week though.
Monday - finish up SPC charts & pack my barang!
Tues onwards - EM duty (I really think there's gonna be a lot of pre TRC, TRC n inv closure meetings) cos I've always been unlucky since my past 2 EM duties.
Wed night to pack everything to shift to new building.
Thursday - move to new building & set up, plus need to prepare / plan for the long weekend. Die.

I'm still v sad that I'll be on duty. #hardfacts . I rather go back to office for production meeting n claim time off den the current WTF. Working for free over the long weekend, esp on my bday. Really affected sia.

Besides this sad duty week (probably OT until 8 or 9 every night) the rest of the month is gonna be a good month!! Cos there's a lot of bday vouchers + SG50 discount. Nice :)

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