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jeudi, avril 28, 2016

♥ Apr

Month of April has been a bumpy month!

1st week of April - MC due to food poisoning / stomach flu... after Japan trip fell sick, initially thought it was smth I ate there, but my friend was ok. My family also kena diarrhoea & vomiting, so it was smth we ate in sg.. lol..

2nd week of April - duty week, the torture of waking up early n attending meetings. 7am in office, but good thing was I left office on time. But so what, still worked for 11 hrs.. zzz...

3rd week of April - Emotional week + OT week. Super emo week, which lead to needing to clear up the lock down file that wasn't maintained for past 1 month.

4th week of April - waking up late everyday. Surprisingly I still reached office by 8:15am, so yeah, see how early I wake up on other days.

And I'm ending April on a high note! Heading for Hong Kong on tmr night! (: yay to the long weekend too!

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