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jeudi, avril 28, 2016

♥ Japan 2016

Japan trip was great yet tiring at the same time.. so much walking and standing. No doubt we bought train tickets etc, but still need to walk from train station to our hotel, or stand for 2 hours for each ride at Disney land / Disney sea... daily avg steps at least 20-30k! We were so shag.. main purpose was to see the sakura! We went to Tokyo, kyoto n osaka. We saw them at all locations but if we went a week later, it'll definitely be better. It was starting to bloom in osaka already, but we were leaving for sg in 3 days time..

the train station was pretty confusing cos there's so many lines in 1 station! However, no trains delay.. v accurate n efficient but oh man the walk! And at peak hours, train rides were really packed. Thankfully we were wearing jacket too, so it's OK to be squashed.. lol..

we refrained from buying souvenirs or goodies in town as we could get them all at the airport. All the usual Tokyo banana, shiseido cheese cake, shiroi koibito biscuits, royce choc, kit kat etc. We can get them at the departure or transit area. We got them at the departure n checked in with our luggage. The queue in the transit shop is super long! So unless u missed out more stuff, else forget it luh. You are already v tired. Lol.

Total expenditure
We took JAL flight, not the best though - $728. Arrive & depart from Tokyo haneda airport.
Hotel stay, for 5N in tokyo, 4N in 2 different hotel in kyoto - $1100 (didn't wanna do airbnb this time, breakfast all included except 1N)
Insurance = $54
Japan theme park (Disney land n sea) = $165
JR Pass = $364
Sim card = $38
Expenses = $900 (misc bus, train, park tickets, food)
= $3350 for 10 days.

It's possible to spend lesser than this, really depends on individual.
Flight - budget or non budget?
Accommodation - airbnb, hostel or capsule for experience? Get free breakfast if possible.
Attractions - free entry is avail, but some needs to pay. Depends on individual.
Transport - JR pass, unlimited daily pass, unavoidable must spend.
Food - possible to find cheap n good food! 1 meal can cost ard 500-800¥.

But it's still up to own preferences.

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