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dimanche, juin 05, 2016

♥ Les Miserables musical

Can't believe that I actually finally watched this musical live, TWICE! In Sydney just last April, and ytd in Singapore. Super good!!

Just found out that it was the same cast, only a few different.. thing was that Fantine's I dreamed a dream wasn't as nice as what I heard in Sydney :( same singer, maybe ytd never sing well bah. So sad. I like that the props, music and singers were really good! It was a rather fast paced musical, 3 hrs long but it still felt too fast. So of course, music play list on loop again.. lol...

Surprisingly, no one blocking our view from our seats.. it's either Asians really smaller size, else it's the way esplanade staggered their seats + the gradient of the slope.. cos I did check, in Sydney, we were sitting on the 13th row. But there's really a lot of taller ppl. Lol. This time also 13th row but no heads blocking.

Now I feel like heading to London to watch it too! 🎶🎻🎷🎼

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