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mercredi, juin 07, 2017

♥ Jun

Yea, June has started. But I wanna backtrack a bit to April :p

So after getting the job offer in March, i took a few days to consider the best date to give the letter. I decided to give the resignation letter in April. The past 3 years plus (just 1 month short off to 4 years & 1 additional day of AL!!) has been an adventure. Good, exciting but also a hell of time. All my seniors left, those who came in after me, a handful of them also left. So the team members are always updated :p I always salute my senior, cos he usually does the training of newbies and also wonder what his 感想 will be when he sees them leave. When I taught newbies, and I see them leave, I always have mix feelings. Glad that they are leaving hell but sad that whatever we taught is like "no point". All these years, I'm still thankful for my seniors guidance and patience when we were working tgt. I enjoy working with my usual group of ppl, knowing the processes, living in my comfort zone. Not exactly comfortable but at least you dun have to re-learn. There's definitely pros n cons everywhere but I think without moving out / on, there's not gonna be any changes in my life. So after tendering, I used my AL to offset the 1 month notice. Cos I was going for a holiday in April. Which brings me to the next topic...

Holiday! So technically after working for 4 days, I went on 10 days AL (17 days not in office) and went to Amsterdam - Brussels - Luxembourg! It was such an exciting , nice and fun trip. Scenic wise, accommodation wise, makan wise, transport wise. Since I had push mail , I decided to glance thru my work mailbox once a while. Which after that, I gave up cos - I'm not gonna read these when I'm back in office (backdated news anyway) and since I'm leaving and handed my work over to the next planner. One of the few trips that I really enjoyed and felt relaxed.. lol..

After holidays, I only had 1 week of work cos (thankfully!) I still had half day time off n half day AL :p to offset my actual last day. Thankful that it was smooth and though I really miss the ppl there. Haha but 好马不吃回头草 :p

May started and my 9 days break started too. Haha. And also the final holiday before new job starts. I mean if you think why am I spending so much money on holidays?! I agree. I've spent too much on holidays and the excuses that I always give is because - I'm stress. :( I agree is not a good reason cos there's better ways to destress. But some how I always felt that I needed to get out of the office, and the country. I love it esp whenever I go Malaysia cos I dun usually get prepaid so no data roam :) main thrill is that I've smth to look forward ! Not just working without any target..

Holiday - this time I went to Hokkaido with the family. I mean it was good.. but I think family trips are usually v different from the ones you go with your friends. Hahaha. Angry part was I fell sick half way during the trip. I couldn't enjoy the food, sleep etc (cough like siao) so I think I must go back to Hokkaido again in future! (More excuses hehehe) went to see the doctor when I touched down and even rejected the MC that he offered! Cos it's my first day of work the next day :(

Work - I tried to eat healthy and bland, drank lotsa water. Ate lozenges. But argh the feeling of not talking! I like listening but I also like to talk... anyway my team... pretty sad that everyone before me are interns or temp staff :( so they will be leaving in due time. So technically my seniors will no longer be there with me by may, June, July, August. At 1 hand I'm really thinking - how am I going to handle the current workload without them, how am I going to learn so much within this short period?! I never worked with interns b4 in prev place, so I never really understand what they do etc hahaha. But when I see this group of interns doing so much work - the planning, the visual factory, the updating etc, I'm just so impressed. Like wah I never knew we could have interns for planning! Good thing is, we do not need to do any manhours, zepc, structure creation hahaha.. so dun need to do SAP training :p here is really a lot of planning and cont improvement here. That aside, every place is the same. You will meet ppl that's nice to work with, or not easy to work with, maybe temperamental ppl also. So haiz, hopefully I can handle them man. PMS better not get in the way. Hahaha.

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