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lundi, avril 28, 2008

♥ OCS gathering, + blah3

lots of stuffs happened during the past 10 days.

today at school, saw a lot of familiar faces again. like, more than my fingers can count. LOL.

sunday, was helping a little in video. haha. nicholas kept saying about me luh. cos out of 4 duties, i only made it to the first 2 duties due to my OCS trip and FOWA camp. haha. the next video duty clashes with my nursery duty, and i really wanna see how en min looks like yet feels like making up to the video team B for pang sei-ing so many times. haha, so i think i'll just go for video (:

sat! slept till 1pm that day :D met OCS gang at orchard mrt for karaoke gathering. had dinner at Food Republic before going to Party World. started at 7pm all the way to 11pm. we also celebrated Han Song & Joo Hong's birthday in advance that night. oh wells, at least the whole night ended well. (: some funny stuffs happened like, we were very very surprised at how Robert actually sings Zhang huimei's songs, etc...

fri, met up with Huishan after class. the last time we met was many months ago. can't rmb when was the last time. went to Vivo city and had LJS for lunch. told her what happened in philippines and in school and my new classmates. LOL. everyone gave the same comments when i told them about the Rubik's Cube teaching thingy. had net in the evening and then went to the adults' net to celebrate andrew's mama's bday!

french class commence on wed, the teaching was really fast actually but i managed to catch up cos i had a lil bg of the language le. so we learned alphabets and numbers and basic questions like what's ur name & how do u spell it? and we were told that RSVP is actually some french initials. i had been cracking my head to figure wth that rsvp stand for. voila! it stands for Respondez S'il Vous Plait. meaning Please Reply. yes! it's that simple! SVP means PLS (: yeah...

can't rmb what else happened, but will post some pics up soon. xD

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