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vendredi, février 17, 2012

♥ Fisheye lomo camera

Finally used and developed 1 roll of fisheye film, it wasn't as bad as my Diana Mini camera!!!! At least 30/36 films look great on FE but that time only 30 out of 3 rolls look ok... But I found out the mistake and pros and cons of each camera lah.. Anw, pretty sad that the FE flash didn't work as good! Cos there's a shadow being cast upon the bottom right hand of the picture. Bad. Read online on how to prevent in future.. Mainly, keep a distance of 4 to 5 feet. Else tilt 45 degrees more to the right do that shadow will be lower down.. Hmm, gotta try though.. Used the film for more than 6 months! Srsly, why was I so hesitant sia... I missed so many good lomo pictures on my way, can u believe it? Ok, I shall bring my fisheye camera out more often from today onwards! :)

Bridge near home (:

Was at picnic at ECP.. Yummy! Very funny, like how cherhao smiled widely for the camera but can't see his face properly over here!

Celebrated my 21st bday with fav (ex) colleagues at Vivo!

In the car, after celebration of papa's bday! :)

Waiting for the bus after thanksgiving party!

View from the place I was staying in Melbourne! I know, "what?! In Melbourne only take 1 shot?" yeah, almost right..

Guess it's pretty easy to spot them now! I regretted not taking a lot of photos!! Booooo..

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