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jeudi, avril 12, 2012

♥ Random - Polaroid Cameras

This is just a random post, just some thoughts that had been in my mind for months.. Please do not get offended, or dun bother reading cos it's a lengthy post.

It's just that, technology really advances so quickly.
I remember one of my biggest regret when i went to Philippines for school trip in 2008, was not owning a Polaroid Camera then. So because of that, i decided to get it after i return to Singapore - proof.
I dun like how everything advances so fast, that the simplicity in life just disappears. I know that i need to grow up, and all these gotta come to past. Ok, i'm just gonna rant in the next few paragraphs and not let my logical mind take over.

Some may think that Facebook is a good way to connect with people, but seriously, how much can it really connect people? I saw a group of my sec sch classmates at TM food court last saturday night, i wasn't close with them in sch in the first place, yet they're on my Facebook list. i dunno, but it just felt so awkward to talk to them. so gotta act blur.

I still prefer e olden days, not that i'm very old.... but writing letters to one another, instead of emailing/sms-ing/whatsapp-ing.. i just feel that my brain is damn useless. not doing anything and depending all on the internet and etc.. You dun have much freedom as before, get it? with people stalking ur Facebook/twitter/blog, where's the sense of privacy? but no matter how much u try to privatize it, does it really help? =/

I dun see how the title of this post links anyway...
Oh, i really really really wish that The Impossible Project will quickly develop films for the authentic Polaroid camera! i don't like to use the films that needs to be stored at 5-21 degrees, or have to cover once you press the shutter, or you still need to keep in some dry kit / silica to store your films. I wish they brought back the original films, but they can't :(
I dun like the ignorance of people who dunno the history of polaroid cameras, yet calling their Fuji Instax Films - the Polaroid Films. yeah, i'm kinda cocky.. but this is the truth, i don't like it! All i can say is, i regretted not buying more films back then to use, haha! also not cheap lor, $18/box of 10 last time!

Now that ev'one's crazy over instant cameras, i shall head over to new green pastures..
Oh, i shall be silly and send letters out to people since i'm also heading to the post office later.. :)

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