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samedi, juin 30, 2012

♥ Fisheye Lomo Camera 2

Did a post on my first roll of Fisheye Lomo Camera here !

Yeah, such a loser!!! used only 2 rolls after 1 YEAR!!! can someone kill me! lol.. so much for talking nonsense in my previous post, this roll is so terribleeeeeeeee.. i feel so embarrassed to even upload the ugly ones. lol.. and i can't seem to upload the nice ones. HAHA. so i'll update here another time .

I have decided. i will use my Diana F+ flash instead of Fisheye's internal flash from now on - to get rid of that ugly shadow cast by the lens.
I will bring my Fisheye Camera every where i go from tmr onwards! HAHA. (like real, waste my space and waste money to develop sia) HAHA. Ok, bye! OH. i just went to Hokkaido Fair at TM, and bought the 白い恋人 Chocolat Blanc Et Langue De Chat Japanese Cookies. YAY! OK, BYE!

25th Jul,
Uploaded on my iPod, some shots!

In Melbourne ..

Starbucks n e card, can't see properly.

Shadow as usual...

Not bad, but defeats e fisheye purpose ..

Dragon playground

Bad. used wrong setting.

25 Jul,

found the lomography fisheye website!
really SUPER useful (seems like it...)

“LNB” variable exposure switch
Use this to control your Fisheye 2's shutter timing.
“L” locks the shutter so it can't accidentally fire.
“N” shoots a normal, instant exposure (1/100 sec, f/8).
“B” or “bulb” selects Fisheye 2's long exposure capabilities.

gonna take note of these techniques (sorry la, i'm a noob in these!) -

Night / Long shutter / No Flash / Single Exposure
One for the couch-surfers who prefer a life of fancy leisure. Once the sun goes down, select the “B” setting and hold down the shutter release. As long as you keep it pressed, the shutter will stay open. Place the camera on a steady surface and hold the button for 1 to 5 seconds for crisp, dreamy low-light shots. Move the camera around for wild, streaky, abstract images.

Night / Long shutter / Internal Flash / Single Exposure
Like the Lazy John, set your camera to “B” at night. Activate the internal flash. Hold down the release for a few seconds while you move, spin, turn, flip, and rotate your camera (or yourself). You’re burning a lot of pretty light onto the film while you do this. After a bit of time has passed, aim your camera at a close subject and release the button. The internal flash will fire – freezing your subject in crisp light against a streaky, gorgeous, and completely bananas background.

Night / Long shutter / Internal & Hotshoe Flash / Single Exposure
Hey mon, dis de fiyah yah be wantin! Toss a Lomographic Colorsplash Flash onto the hotshoe – and charge it along with the internal flash. Get your subject in range and fire the shutter on “B.” Immediately, the hotshoe shoots a burst of colored light at them. Keep the shutter open for a few seconds and release to fire the internal flash. With the hotshoe flash firing first and the internal flash firing second, you’ve captured the movement and moodswings between these two points in time.

#6 DIANA'S DREAM (1-2/8)
Day or Night / Long or Fast shutter / Flash or No Flash / Multiple Exposure
Upside down you turning me! Shoot an image straight on and then press the multiple exposure button. Now, staying in the same spot, turn your Fisheye 2 180-degrees and shoot again. It's like one half of the world walked to the other and said “whassup”. Use the internal or hotshoe flash to fire it up even hotter!

now i'm sure you wanna get a Fisheye Lomo Camera! #justsaying

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