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mercredi, décembre 05, 2012

♥ Just saying

I know I've said this a million times, but I will definitely do my work more consistently and not leave things till the last minute. (sounds super familiar sia, but this will be my last time saying this... At least for now) should had studied earlier! (I really hope that in future, if go back to sch for another degree / a master, I'll follow my buddy classmate / senior's footsteps! Omg, they are like my idols (ooops) or role models. I mean, study n work n juggle family is not easy plus brain don't work as fast as the youths... Yeah, I learn my lesson... I really, do... :( meow.

Anyway, let me talk about Pre exam workshop! Haha! I just read thru past posts and realised I didnt blog about the incident, probably tweeted more than blogged! But anyways, this is it..

2 terms ago, 3rd / 4th week of may, 2 lecturers came down from Melbourne to teach us lah. Then we had this "Management of Design" module, basically on designing by, learning abt customer requirements, patent search, market survey, etc. so,

during pew on Sat (20th April), teacher was talking about the good-old Nokia 3210... Hahaha.. And blah blah, talked about hp and etc, so it turned out that I'm the only one NOT using an iPhone! (ok, I cheated, I'm using iPod touch) but a very very cool phone - cant believe I'm laughing over this right now... Yes, my handphone.. The teacher was very shocked to see the phone cos it's so small (half the size of an iPhone) , and it's touch screen and... has a keypad as well, that's cos.... I managed to wayang (show off... Loser me) by swinging it open... When opened, its the same length and width as an iPhone... Wait till I take a photo of my phone ok, den will uds.. And most of all, this awesome looking phone is from.....Motorola! Motorola Flipout.

Yeah... Ikr.. So much impact from a phone.. and the teacher is really shocked, the facial expression... Actually i cant rmb.. But yeah, since this is the first time seeing this phone, natural to be shocked.. Lol... I also never see anyone else using this phone. Sad yet happy :D

So anyway, when I went for PEW last fri night, it was so awkwardly funny (to me lah) cos... he surprisingly recognized me when I entered the class, cos he taught us before obviously! (I have v bad memory in recognizing ppl, which isn't v good arh...) But anyway, after that he asked if I'm still using my phone.... HAHA! Awkward! Dont wanna sound like a loser who has no money to change phone, yet cannot tell lies.. Lol.. So yeah, I am still using... And blah blah, he noticed I changed my phone cover. Hahaha awesome lah.. Yeah, really impacted this teacher alot arh...

So anyway, I can't stand all the grammatical mistakes I made in this post, but yeah jus read for fun la..

Come to think of it, I would want to impact the people around me not with who I am or what I have... but with who's in me - Jesus.

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